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C.Hall March 21st, 2017

When we moved into our new home we were looking for a cleaning service to give everything the once over.  We called several services and found that Carnation was the most prompt in returning our call. We found their pricing reasonable and their crew paid attention to detail. After the "one-time" cleaning we signed on for monthly cleanings, with the same crew, and have been happy with the ongoing work. We'd feel safe in recommending Carnation to our closest friends. 


 Jen, Chandler, AZ  December 3, 2014 2:24 pm

I have used Carnation twice & am booked for my 3rd visit.  
I am pretty clean, often doing sinks, toilets, floors, hand smudges etc as things get dirty. But sometimes I just want it ALL CLEAN AT ONCE, which is something I frankly never do. So about once a quarter I want this plus the things done that I don't like to do, such as scrubbing the shower walls, dusting ceiling fans, etc. I pick up all clutter before they arrive, as I want to make the most of my time/money with them CLEANING not picking up stuff in the way. (frankly I'm surprised at the posted photos, I had no idea people leave their house so exploded with their personal crap when cleaning crews come... You're paying good money for someone to throw away your old fast food bags & fold your couch blanket, really?? -shrug-)

I have used various cleaning people (individuals) & discounted "services" from Groupon, etc, and all those experiences drove me to simply call Carnation. I'm tired of individuals having car trouble, not bringing their own supplies, kid-problem cancellations, no call/no shows, telling me their life problems on my cleaning "clock," = lack of professionalism. The experience with the coupon businesses has been AWFUL - I was lucky to get my money back from one that turned into a big scam that even made the news last year.

I was trying to save money in both cases; "I can get it for cheaper." I gave that up, called Carnation, willing to pay more for quality/professionalism. I have known Eugena, the owner, for many years, knew what she did & that they were a final-cleaning provider to a big home-builder for many years. You can't hold an account like that without providing consistent professionalism.

Both times Carnation has been here it has been the same delightful experience. They are a system, the individual employees can have car trouble, kid issues, etc but it doesn't affect me as the customer - I'm now willing to pay Carnation more to deal with those hassles & just CLEAN MY HOUSE. I have had a different cleaning crew both times, which is fine with me.

They came in a team of 2 in a car with the company name on it, uniforms, blue booties on their shoes. After a quick intro and tour of the house, they verified what I had said I wanted done per the phone setup, and got to work. They bring EVERYTHING they need to do the job. They worked fast, clearly had their duties split already (no confusion between them), and only talked to me when they had clarification questions.

Everything was PERFECT. They did the extras I asked for (cleaning the fans & baseboards), they did all of the basics (like scrubbing shower walls), and then they approached me at the 2-hour mark I had set up on the phone, and gave me an option - there was still one thing to complete on the list. Did I want to buy more time for that or leave it? That was GREAT with me, as I saw them working fast & hard all 2 hours - my requests simply added up to more than 4 (wo)man-hours. So yes I happily agreed to add on 15 more mins. The office called to verify it with me (no opportunity for employees to scam). My final amount was charged to my card by the office - no awkward paying the people who just cleaned.


 “I have torn ligaments in both knees and can not get on my knees to clean anymore so I decided to hire a cleaning service. I chose them because they are close by, send in the same team at each cleaning and they are licensed and bonded.   They sent in a team of 3 for 6 hours of straight work!  THEY NEVER STOPPED!  They brought all their own cleaning supplies ... even the vacuums.  The staff wore blue booties over their shoes the whole time.  My house hasn't looked this good since I moved in 10 years ago.  My Mom who lives with us (she is 92) was thrilled with the results.  She loves how clean her bathroom is.

I am going to be a regular from now on!”

Mary S
Mesa, AZ. March 21st, 2013.


Good Morning,

Thank you for sending the receipt so promptly and for sending us Mario and Erica---they are wonderful.  My husband directed them as to what to clean and gave them some of the special cleaning items we use and they just went to town.  I was not home when they arrived, I went to my quilting group from 10:30 to 1:30.  I did not think I would have an opportunity to meet them but as luck would have it they were delayed getting to our home and so when I arrived home they were just finishing up so I got to see them cleaning and taking all the trash out the door.  What a great team they are.  Please tell them we look forward to a long relationship with them.

We had a cleaning lady in Tucson, and did not think we would ever find anyone quite like her again, but Erica and Mario are just great.  Please let them know how much we appreciate their work.


June 1st 2012.


"I have utilized Carnation Cleaning for several satisfying years. The entire staff at Carnation Cleaning is efficient and professional. The cleaning crew is clean, courteous and competent. Everyone is friendly, accommodating and thorough. I recommend Carnation Cleaning to others."

Marcella D


"In the past 20 years, I have used about 10 cleaning companies and have been the most satisfied with Carnation,who has cleaned our home for the past 4 years.

There are many reasons I plan to continue with Carnation,

  • I have the same crew each time (with a couple of exceptions for vacations and leaves) so my preferences can be followed without retraining a new crew.
  • The contract terms are clearly defined and both parties know what is expected.
  • I travel a lot and need some flexibility and Carnation has been extremely accommodating to my needs.
  • Security is important with me.  I am out of the house most of the time when the cleaning occurs.  The Carnation crew is careful with our security system and with our personal items.  I've had absolutely no problems trusting the crew.
  • The cleaning is thorough and complete.  On occasion, I have been home, and have seen our crew efficiently work the entire time they are here.  They have a work plan and stick to it with virtually no down time.
  • I love coming home to a sparkling home on cleaning days!
  • Thanks for being so competent.

Cie T.


Carnation Home Cleaning, Inc. performed a Move-In Cleaning on our new home and I was absolutely thrilled with the results. Everything that I requested be done was done and done right, and they skipped over nothing. I was beyond pleased. The staff was also very friendly and professional, and it really relieved my husband and I of so much work during our move. From making the initial appointment - the woman that I spoke with was an absolute sweetheart - to the cleaning crew themselves, I was very happy overall. I would definitely hire Carnation again in the future.

Heather S,
Gilbert, AZ.


I have been using the services of Carnation Cleaners since the mid 1990's and am satisfied with their performance.  Their staf is competent, thorough and professional.

I have no hesitation in referring the organization to my friends and neighbors.

T. E. Cosgrove,
Apache Junction, AZ.


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